1. You can’t get your head above water if you never stick your neck out.
2. If you want to be successful you must either have a chance or take it.
3. Ann Lewis the senior adviser to Hillary Clinton observed “there are four ways God answers prayers: no, not yet; no, I love you too much; yes, I thought you’d never ask; yes, and here’s more.
4. Corrie ten Boom said Never be afraid to trust an unknown future to a known God.
5. You don’t drown by falling in the water you drown by staying there.
6. Failure is the opportunity to start over more intelligently.
7.Carl Bard, Scottish religious leader and broadcaster says,

Though no one can go back and make a new start, anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending.

Courtesy: JUSTIKAR

Why was I born

Boy: Mummy Mummy please tell me a story (he makes a pouting face😶)

Mummy: ok baby but today I’ll tell you about a great warrior named Samson.

Boy: Wow, 😳 who’s that

Mummy: don’t worry baby just keep still and listen to this tale.
So in the time of old a man received news from his barren wife that an angel of God told her that she will bear a son and told her how to take care of herself and her son and she did just that (boy interrupts)

Boy: but no that’s impossible there’s no such thing as an angel, it’s just stories made up

Mummy: well we’ll leave that explanation for another day now can I get back to my story please…

Boy: (get’s comfortable in his bed) ok

Mummy: now baby Samson was so strong and mighty

Boy: like Hercules

Mummy: (laughs) no he was stronger he saved his people from their enemies and ended up giving out his biggest secret to an enemy he was in love with

Boy: ouch

Mummy: yes ouch, that cost him his sight but he still fulfilled his mission here on Earth before he passed on

Boy: so he killed people.
Mummy: who taught you that word

Boy: Mum I’m not a kid any more, so the reason he was born was to kill his enemies wow.

Mummy: that’s about it

Boy: so mum, why was I born

Mummy: now that’s a question you have to pray and find out for yourself. In life lots of people sway away from their path because they forget their mission on Earth

Boy: so how will I know my mission? how will I know my path? Mum tell me

Mummy: (laughs) it’s about time you go to sleep, goodnight son

Boy: goodnight Mum, I love you, you’ll tell me another story tomorrow and answer all my questions right(he snuggles in his bed, dosing off)
(Mum switches off the light and shuts the door on her way out)

Courtesy: JUSTIKAR

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